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1. July 2020, ECOS 2020 conference proceedingEnergy and exergy analysis of a photovoltaic-thermal system under two different climate conditions” by PhD student Sonja Kallio and professor Monica Siroux from INSA Strasbourg ICube Strasbourg University

17. May 2020, Work package 2 output: State of Art Report

31. January 2020, Workshop presentations

Hochschule Karlsruhe (Adrian Bürger, Prof. A. Altmann-Dieses)
Advantages of dynamic system simulation for planning and operation of decentralized energy systems

Hochschule Koblenz (Christian Braasch, Prof. Willi Nieratschker)
Tri-generation concepts: A lab-facility for combined heat, power and cooling generation

Fachhochschule Nordwestschweiz, Muttenz (Prof. Dominique-Stephan Kunz)
Advanced Control Algorithms for the management of decentralisedenergy systems

INSA, Strasbourg (Sonja Kallio, Prof. Monica Siroux)
Micro-cogeneration: State-of-art and R&D activities

Mondas GmbH (Christian Neumann)
Digitization of the energy transition: an innovative IoT web-platform for the recording, visualization and analysis of energy data in distributed energy systems

Fraunhofer ISE (Dr. Nicolas Rehault)
Multiplying success: Advanced data analytics for fault detection and optimized operation in district energy concepts

Universität Freiburg (Adrian Bürger, Prof. Moritz Diehl)
An introduction to Model Predictive Control (MPC) for energy systems operation

Hochschule Offenburg (Parantapa Sawant, Prof. Jens Pfafferott)
Experiments on Grid-Supporting (economic) Model Predictive Control of a Trigeneration System

Wärmeversorgung Offenburg GmbH & Co. KG (Stefan Böhler)
Wärme für die Offenburger – Fernwärmestrategie zum Erreichen der Klimaschutzziele

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